Thursday, September 22, 2016

Early Tourism at Franz Josef Glacier

I had been scanning mums photos when I came across these lovely black and white photos of her guided trip across the glacier.
I am not quite sure of the date of her trip but I am guessing it would have been sometime around 1950-1955.

There is a great site about our areas history.

The national library records online turned up these tourism posters. The sprig of rata is from the tree that blooms in our temperate forest that surround the glacier.

Mum facing an ice cave

King, Marcus, 1891-1983. King, Marcus, 1891-1983 :Rata blossom, Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand. [ca 1955]. Ref: Eph-E-TOURISM-1955-02. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.
Lovell-Smith, Edgar McLeod, 1875-1950. Lovell-Smith, Edgar McLeod, 1875-1950 :Franz Josef Glacier New Zealand / E M Lovell-Smith, 1932. Full information from the High Commissioner for New Zealand ... New Zealand Trade and Tourist Commissioner and Government Agent ... and all travel agents Coulls Somerville Wilkie Ltd, Ch'ch, des et lith. Issued by the Publicity Branch, NZ Railways. 1932.. Ref: Eph-E-TOURISM-Franz-1932-01. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand.
Mum (3rd in line) and her friend on the glacier 
The poster shows a view of the Franz Josef Glacier with the road and hotel in the foreground. Various places are labelled and the altitude given: Minarets (10,050 feet), Grahams Saddle (8,800 feet), Almer Hut (5,500 feet), Defiance Hut (2,700 feet), the hotel (350 feet, Callery Gorge and Alec's Knob. Two suspension bridges over the river are shown.

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