Friday, February 26, 2016

'Flower of the Dawn' Lake Mapourika, Westland National Park

A few kilometres from our place, Lake Mapourika is my haunt. Every day, no matter the weather, I bike and swim there. Because the water is the colour of tea from the tannins from the dense bush around the lake, it gets lovely and warm.

14,000 years ago this kettle lake was formed when a large block of ice was left behind by the retreating Franz Josef Glacier.

Our birders are in for a treat because they may get to see the rare crested grebe, scaup, grey duck, mallard duck, black swan, white-throated shag, white-faced heron, kingfisher, kereru, tui, bellbird, tomtit, grey warbler, brown creeper, silvereye, bellbird and robin.

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